About Us
At the beginning of 2009, when we made our agricultural experience and education in Konya, the agricultural center of our beautiful country, which is the cradle of civilizations of the three major continents, we continue our production with the excitement of today's first day.

We are proud of producing products that are trusted, preferred and add to the profit of our farmers in the market where we have traveled long ways.

With the support we received from the domestic market, we carry out our foreign trade activities with 14 countries on 4 continents and we have made our country's targets in the global market with our increasing target last year.

We will continue to be the user and follower of the latest technologies in production and agriculture, and will maintain our high handmanship standard according to the production process that we can choose what we want; you will get added value to the sector.


Chairman of the Board
İbrahim DÜNDAR